Monday, February 2, 2009

Natana gopala nayaki swamigal was born to poor weaver parents - Rangariyar and Lakshmibai. His parents named him Ramabadran. Even as a child, he was not interested in worldly pursuits. All efforts by his parents to induct him into the family profession of weaving were in vain. One day, he left the house and went to Tirupparankundram, one of the abodes of Lord Muruga, where he did penance for 12 years. Then he had a vision that directed him to an ascetic, Nagalinga Adigal of Paramakkudi. He indulged in yogic feats like levitating at a height of six metres in a sitting posture. Impressed by his performance, Nagalinga Adigal gave him the name of Sadananda Adigal.
When he was camping at Thirubhuvanam, near Kumbakonam, a woman devotee gave him a set of woman's apparel and ornaments as a mark of gratitude. From then on, he donned the garb of a woman and when he visited Srirangam, the Jeeyar Swami there addressed him as ``Nadanagopala Nayaki''. He led the life of an ascetic. While visiting holy cities he used to sing the glory of the Lord in mellifluous songs in Saurashtra and Tamil. His songs in Saurashtra numbering over 50, have been translated into Tamil. He finally merged with the Lord on the Vaikunta Ekadasi day in 1914. Before shedding his mortal coil, he asked that he be laid to rest on the road to Azhagar hills, his body facing the Narasingaperumal temple at Yanaimalai.

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